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The world of business opportunities and franchises is a minefield ...

You have perhaps already found out for yourself that the world of business opportunities and franchises is a minefield which can trap the unwary.

Good opportunities are there, but how can you discover them?

How can you safely find your way past the no-hopers, the rip-offs and the scams to arrive at the opportunity you've been looking for?

How can you be sure that they will meet those tempting promises of easy money and a life of luxury just round the corner?

You may have already lost money on an opportunity which did not meet its promises, and even called it a scam. To you, it doesn't matter much whether or not the people selling the opportunity intended to meet their promises or not. For this reason, the words "scam" and "scams" are used on this website in a special way to refer to the worst opportunities and franchises which don't meet any of their promises and their claims, without any suggestion that this was the intention of the promoters.

In your search for help, you've probably looked on the Internet for advice and reviews. You've probably come across some business opportunity review sites and seen that they contain reviews with links to the websites selling the business opportunities which could be commission links. And some of them contain adverts for business opportunities, too. So how can you trust these review sites to be unbiased and to give an honest and fair review of an opportunity they are selling themselves?

Now there's a simple way to get honest, unbaised help and advice by becoming a member of Business Opportunity Watch, a service which does not have any axes to grind in pushing any particular opportunities because it has no advertising and no commission links.

So you have the peace of mind of knowing that it's an unbiased service that's acting just for members like you. People who are grateful for help and advice. People who have experienced the same problems as you, and people who feel good being a member of a service that has a tradition of sharing information to help each other.

When you decide to join Business Opportunity Watch you get immediate access to all the unbiased reviews. These are serious, professional reviews because our editor is a fully-qualified accountant with 17 years of professional experience and she holds an economics degree.

But that's not all. Our editor has also spent the last 13 years researching and investigating the home business opportunities market (previously for the hard copy BOARD magazine, which ran from June 1993 to June 2005).

So as a member of Business Opportunity Watch you benefit from the editor's total thirty years of experience in auditing and accountancy and investigating business oppportunities.

Business Opportunity Watch reviews all types of opportunities to earn money from home e.g. home business opportunities, franchises, gambling and tipster schemes, financial trading schemes, buy-to-let opportunities and investment opportunities.

You can rely on Business Opportunity Watch reviews to give an unbiasedr, honest and highly experienced appraisal which is backed up by detailed research.

Each unbiased review tells you what research work we did, what investigations we carried out, what questions we asked the company and their answers, and the analysis we then used to come to our conclusions. So you can see exactly how we came to the overall verdict on each opportunity.

This overall verdict is conveniently summarised for you at the end of each Review as a Rating Score.

Seven out of Ten is a good score, like this:


30% of opportunities reviewed so far by Business Opportunity Watch have been rated at 7 or more out of 10.

Zero out of Ten is the lowest score, like this:


A zero score or a low score means that the business model or the investment model has serious flaws. It doesn't mean that it was set up with the intention of deceiving you.

Unique Information

You won't find any other reviews like our unbiased reviews on the Internet. They are different because of the editor's thirty years experience and also because they contain the honest results of our research, investigation and analysis work without any outside pressures from business opportunity promoters and their money.

That's why one of our members, Carl, said "It's the only unbiased info on the market that I've come across."

Saves You Time, Money and Heartache

In short, Business Opportunity Watch saves you time, money and heartache which you could waste in pursuing worthless opportunities.

So how much does it cost to be a member of Business Opportunity Watch?

It's probably quite a bit less than you might think. Because Business Opportunity Watch knows that people looking for extra income need good value for money whatever they buy, the cost has been held to a minimum. In fact, to be a member of Business Opportunity Watch for a full 12 months costs just £36. Yes, just £36 will bring you professional, honest advice to guide you away from the worst opportunities and towards the best.

You don't even have to pay all at once. If you choose a monthly payment option you'll be paying £4 a month. So, can you afford the price of a couple of drinks at the local to be a member of a service which puts your interests first every time?

Free Trial

Of course you can, and what's more it's Risk Free with our 7 Day Trial where you pay nothing for 7 days and you get immediate access to all the unbiased reviews online.

If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied, you can either cancel before you've paid anything or you can have a refund at any time of the unused portion of your subscription payment.

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