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Terms and Conditions
for Business Opportunity Watch Customers

In these Terms and Conditions of Trade the terms "We" and "Us" and "Business Opportunity Watch" mean Business Opportunity Watch and its editor and the predecessor of Business Opportunity Watch, The BOARD Magazine, copies of which are sold via this website, and Business Opportunity Watch Limited.

Copyright Notice

Business Opportunity Watch is protected by Copyright.

This Copyright exists in the actual words used and also in the body of facts, analyses and conclusions contained in it, as a result of the skill, labour and judgement that have gone into the research and the conclusions.

You can save one copy to your own computer and printing one copy for your own personal use. You cannot copy, print, reproduce in any form, or send to anyone else any part of this publication (for example, you can't email any of it to another person, or to a company, or post it on a website or forum etc) in any form (for example, not in hard copy nor in electronic format) or by any other means without written permission from the Copyright Holder.

Disclaimer of Liability

The information in Business Opportunity Watch is provided to you in good faith and is intended as the starting point for your own enquiries.
Whilst we make every effort to ensure that the information is correct, we nevertheless cannot guarantee that it is 100% free of errors and/or omissions and/or inaccuracies.

Therefore we cannot and we do not accept responsibility for any errors and/or inaccuracies and/or omissions.

You accept that you undertake business activities entirely at your own risk and you should seek appropriate professional advice in relation to your own specific circumstances.

The research, analysis and opinion contained in the evaluations of business opportunities in Business Opportunity Watch are based on the marketing material which is provided by the company offering the opportunity.

Business Opportunity Watch does not seek further explanations from promoters of opportunities because they should provide adequate, plausible information in their marketing material to enable the claims made to be substantiated. And where the claims are extraordinary there ought to be a high level of factual evidence in the marketing material.

Normally key questions which ought to be addressed to the promoter before they purchase the opportunity are advised to readers in Business Opportunity Watch.

A number of areas where the information in the marketing material for an opportunity is contradictory, or inadequate, or implausible may be specified in a Rating Report, together with questions which need to be asked and the Rating Report itself may be critical and may have a low rating or even a zero rating. NEVERTHELESS, THIS DOES NOT SUGGEST THAT THE PROMOTER OR HIS COMPANY OR HIS ASSOCIATES ARE ANYTHING OTHER THAN HONEST AND TRUSTWORTHY AND COMPETENT.

What it does mean is that the analysis of the opportunity has resulted in questions to be asked in accordance with TRADITIONAL AUDIT PROCEDURE so that prospective purchasers can make informed decisions about whether or not the business opportunity is viable.

Comments on the law are sometimes included in Business Opportunity Watch (such as when exploring if purchasers have rights to a refund), and it is important to note that the editor is not a lawyer and readers should obtain their own appropriate professional advice.

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If we wish to refuse to accept an order in any particular circumstances, then we reserve the right to do so.

These Terms and Conditions are to be governed by and construed in accordance with English law, and any disputes are to be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

All or any of these Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time by posting the changes on this website.


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